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A brief company profile

Persuisse Export Company – established in 1971 – is the export agent of Minoo Group. The company manufactures more than 800 types of Confectionary, Biscuits ,Chocolate znd as Snacks , Gums, Candies, Wafers, GumsToffees, Fruit juice, Jelly and Cake powder Date products


Manufacturing food products

such as Snacks, Biscuits, Candies, Wafers, Gums, Sugar Free Gums, Toffees, Fruit juice, Jelly and Cake powder

Manufacturing healthy products

such as Date Syrup, Date Liquid, Date Honey, Date Juice, and Concentrate

Manufacturing cosmetics an hygienic products

such as Shampoos and Creams


the manufactured products through worldwide

Our Brands

Saghe Talaei , Minoo , Tord Namaki , Versay , Alaleh , Javaneh , White , Pofak Namaki , Hediyeh , Maryam , Nini , Nersi , Pampador , Pandin , Peni , Pam Pam , Recital , Rookey , Bon Bon , Anjela , Maxo , Morvarid , Chic , Edmen , Yam Yam , Chocopars , Tamli , Rangarang , Tak Tak , Paliz , Sany , Persian

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